When the digital experience enhance shops

My position

Lead designer

Sopra Steria is opening more and more retail contracts. We feel the need to gather all our knowledge in a demonstration app that we could show to our customers to help them in their digitalisation process.

My contribution
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The opportunity

Retail is dealing with strong problems, competitors are mainly online. What is the added value to go in a shop anymore ? How to reduce the wrong shopping experience in order to only keep the best of it ?

My role

As the lead designer I worked on innovative use case backlog. The problematic was also to install good habits in our fresh mobile team. Instead of working with a lots of writing specifications we will from nowadays work on visual specifications using design, blue print and animation. So from the mockup and use case we planed a scrum by design management.

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Cross selling

Of course when we implement a digital store we should take advantage of it in term of sale. So one of the best digital leverage is the flash promotions. How does it work, well you are interesting in an item and while you read more about it you will see a flash reduction on it. This is directly inspire of online shops working on the psychological resort of missing out.

A real shopping map

I don’t know for you but one thing I hate more than all is when I can’t find the product I am looking for. Using bluetooth and Wifi triangulation we can locate user inside and as we know what does the shop look like we can create augmented reality map that show you a natural path to follow. Of course, this is now a usual one, the device rotation let you see a real plan.

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Product recognition

Why should we stop in such a good way. Using product recognition on the way we can leverage cross selling as well as a detail vue of a product. Let’s also provide videos as you could have on an e-shop and so on. Here we are in an informative function, giving detailed information to consumer.

3D to enhance experiences

Do you wish to see the inside of a computer, no problem. This function is useful to explain the construction of a product (eg. a computer for exemple) but also and I think more and more in the years to come to understand how a IoT could integrate an environment and his interaction and data captation.

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No more waiting time

For a drying machin, I should wait 2 times, one time to pay and another one to get the product in my car… this make no sens. Any shop should allow consumers to use the shop to touch and ask question and use the digital tools to pay and avoid delay. Just by showing the receipt I can leave with my product or get it delivery wherever I wish.

Lessons to take away

I understand this app was made for demonstration but after some user interview and research I feel I just touch the surface and some big challenges are still to come… I am quite happy on the lab research methodology I could put in motion here. We use field research and quality testing but the users testing could have been improve at the end of the sprint (we were too short in timing). One good way to do that would have been to implement in a real shop to measure the impact and improve it.

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