An app to revolution hiring process

My position

Lead designer

I had to study the workflow between the interview of a candidate until the planning management day by day in order to optimize it. Optimizing the DS job is a quick win in order to convince other employees of the added value of corporate app in their daily job. But our study identify a larger vision targeting more bottle neck in the workflow.

My contribution
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The call

ONET is a cleaning company working mainly professionals from small startup to nuclear factory. They are leader in their field with more than 55000 employee and they ask us help for a specific employe profil : district supervisor (DS).

Focus on the DS’s job

The DS have in charge the management of team at a local level but also a HR role. All day in his car he goes from clients site to another one and insure in a pragmatical way that the contract of services of ONET are respected. So he will sign contracts every day to balance the turn over. Today the contract process is long and take a lot of time and the team management is mainly done by phone call and trace on papiers. By this app we give him the flexibility he needs using numeric and nomad tools.

The challenge

Papers are in the center of communication workflow and it make life impossible for the stressed district supervisor.

It is important to note that even if the solution to use mobile instead of papers for the DS case. It is not an universal solution, we target different kinds of solution according to identify problem. We have identify a roadmap and methods to make new ideas coming up from the users it self.

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The pin point

Managing plannings is not an easy task when the turn over is very strong and most of the time without notice or with a short one. The results for the UX and the UI of the

Les calendriers sont complexes à organiser pour plusieurs raisons : turn over + spécificité cas par cas Lui va la car cette entreprise le connais….

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