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In store projection app for insurance company

My role

Lead designer

In store projection app for insurance company

My contribution
Windows 8 app User stories Interaction workflow User experience User Interface
co design
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The challenge

At the occasion of a call for a big contract, I was in charge to help the MAAF teams developing new way to discuss with their client. The directive values were to be as clear as possible to help client and seller engaging a real discussion.

This app is made to be the first one in use for MAAF store by seller on a tablet. Made to share a vision or be directly used by futur client.

This was a successful test and the first one of a long list to come.

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Designing Windows 8

In February 2013, it was the beginning of windows 8 and we wanted to adapt all their services in windows 8 tablets app. We follow the windows 8 guidelines to serve our client interest.

It let me learn and see from conception to implementation how windows new guidelines are notative. I was really seduced by them, their UX is really constrain but it make it easer to use for windows 8 users. It also represent a real shift in terme of look and feel but the logic of use in not natural (especially with horizontal scroll). So in my opinion I should invest more time on it only if windows 8 get populate at the same level as iOS.

So I let the fellow designers working in the insurance business unit of my company keeping up for this client.

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Lessons to take away

This was a rush design project (4days) with simple user needs. I didn’t follow up on this one nether the less it was for my company a way to win the larger trajectory project where I was in position to follow up. It was for me a way to help my client thinking design as a strategic tool that I will help to put in motion for the rest of the SNCF circulation services.

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Industrialize the organisation in charge of the good circulation of train traffic.

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